Therapeutic Riding

Why Therapeutic Riding?

Therepeutic Riding

Therapeutic riding is an excellent form of therapy that is fun, safe, challenging and socially rewarding. The goals of therapeutic riding revolve around learning horsemanship, improving basic riding skills and in some instances, learning a specific discipline such as dressage or western pleasure. In therapeutic riding, special attention is paid to facilitating improvements in muscle strength, coordination, balance, stamina, self-confidence and social interaction. Lesson plans are tailored individually to address each client1s needs. Therapeutic riding instructors are specifically trained and certified to instruct clients with a wide variety of disabilities, as well as clients who are not disabled. Therapeutic sessions are conducted according to each rider's interests, needs, abilities and rate of progress.

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Weekly School Interaction

By enrolling in our school, your child has the ability to work with the animals and learn new skills. We teach our students about the animals as well as riding and/or driving. Our horses are handpicked for the riding and therapeutic program and our donkey's have been trained in driving to allow all of our students a chance to work with the animals.